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school field trips

We offer educational field trips that help students learn SOLs and Foundation Blocks of Learning from pre-school through 3rd grade.

Field trips are held at the home farm 2060 Vaughan Rd, Virginia Beach.

A few generations ago most people lived on farms or still had family on a farm.  Now there is a definite disconnect from the production of food to the eating of food. Students visit a real family farm, it is a working farm without "cute " staging.  In April and May we offer the Seeds, Bees and BerriesTour field trip.  

All our field trips are lead by family members and teachers that are retired teachers or have worked with children. Our smaller groups lend themselves to better learning. 

Don't just take our word for it, please read comments from our evaluations:

What would you tell them about us?

  • "How organized and helpful you are and how much the children and parents enjoy the trip"
  • "This is a great trip.  We love visiting the farm. It is the first time some children have been to a farm and seen live farm animals."
  • "Excellent programs and great job working with our students."
  • "The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the students will love it!"
  • "Excellent program it's not self-guided- the staff has great educators."
  • "We learned so much cool stuff! So organized! A teacher's dream!"
  • "It is the best field trip that we have been on!" (Thanks!That is our goal!)

Did we cover any SOLs that were particularly helpful?

  • "Plant & animal life cycles: types of resources"
  • "animal adaptations (physical & behavioral)"
  • "economics"
  • "science (carnivore, omnivore etc)"
  • "the 3 resources"
  • "animal coverings & facts"
  • "parts of a plant"
  • "how animals grow and change"

Please see the individual field trip and SOL and Foundation Block pages for complete descriptions. 

Feel free to call for further information or to book a tour time.