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Strawberries are growing and getting ready for picking in late April or early May (Mother Nature will decide).  Please check back for more info and/or follow us on Facebook.

When open for picking we have two u-pick locations, 2060 Vaughan Rd Virginia Beach (Pungo - 4 miles south of the light) and 2133 Mt. Pleasant Rd Chesapeake (between Centerville Turnpike and Fentress Airfield Rd).

We grow the Chandler vairety which is known for it's great taste. We are also trying the Camerosa variety this year. Weather can affect varieties differently and we want to make sure you have berries to pick. We hope to have two excellent varieties for you and hopefully a longer picking season this year.

We grow them on plastic covered raised beds which allows us to really take good care of them.  We plant them the end of September so they can get their roots going well before it gets cold. During the fall and winter we clean off any dead leaves and runners (baby plants that take away berry production).  We cover them with row covers (blankets) to keep them from getting too cold.  Again in the spring before blooming we take the covers off and again clean off any dead leaves and weeds.  We start to fertigate (fertilizer through the drip dape) and will send off leaf samples to a lab to make sure they get what they need to grow well and taste good!  When you're out in the field take notice of the flowers - each one will be a berry in about a month. 

Our goal is to have neat, easy to pick in fields.  As one customer told us "you're where picky pickers go to pick".  We would like to thank all our customers for helping us over the years by not walking on on over the rows.  It is safer for the people and keeps the plants from being damanged so they keep producing. 


Getting close to picking time.April 4th, 2014

All the effort with row covers appears to mean we'll open the end of April.  Despite the cold the covers are keeping our starting time to near normal.  We'll let you know when we know.  

Spring?March 10th, 2014

Spring today, not later in the week.  Tidewater weather - if you don't like it, wait a couple of days to change. The ladies are cleaning the dead leaves off the strawberries so they'll be healthy

WeatherFebruary 7th, 2014

It sure has been strange weather, warm and then snow!  We've been covering our strawberries for the cold, uncovering for the warm, and just covered them again.  Snow on the blanket is a good

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